Mary Elwyn Patchett

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I’m really annoyed. I’m trying to list a few things on eBay in order to make some quick money. I grabbed a box of books that looked good and started researching to see which would sell best.

First of all I got Mary Elwyn Patchett mixed up with Elyne Mitchell which sent me on a merry-go-round trying to find a non-existent book. The reason it annoyed me is because I’ve known since my childhood that these two Australian authors are totally different people. They both wrote brumby books set in the area in and around the Snowy Mountains. The were both very talented authors and were always on my list of favourite authors who I’d happily recommend to child and adult alike. Normally, there’d be absolutely no way I’d confuse the two so I’m very annoyed I did so this time.

The other thing I’m annoyed about is that there is almost no information on the web about Mary Elwyn Patchett. The only thing I can find is on Fantastic Fiction which tells me she lived in Australia, was born in 1897 and died in 1972. Her brumby books and dingo books are absolutely fabulous and totally stand the test of time. They are as good to me now as they were when I first read them and I feel there should be some information about her somewhere. Unfortunately all I know about her is that her books are fabulous, and I don’t know of any printed information that I can look up to find out more about her to create a wiki so this post will have to serve for the present. Should you know more about her or should you know where I can look I’d really appreciate it as she really deserves to be more prominent.


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