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Libraries are a wonderful invention. I know I shouldn’t be advocating the use of libraries as it reduces the number books you actually buy, but I think they’re wonderful. My local library is having a bit of an upgrade and while some of the stock has been distributed to the other libraries in the area some of them have been relocated to a temporary building in the carpark so it’s not quite closed but it does have reduced stock.

I’ve been to many libraries over the years. I grew up in Hawthorn, fairly close to the library, and spent many happy hours browsing, reading and borrowing. I spent a lot of time working my way through the Alfred Hitchcock collection as well as Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys. It was a lot cheaper than buying all those books.

I won’t detail all the libraries I’ve been in but I do want to make a special mention of the library in Shrewsbury, England. We visited England a few years ago and made sure to spend a little time in Shrewsbury as I’ve read so much about it over the years, what with the Brother Cadfael books by Ellis Peters, the Lone Pine Adventures by Malcolm Saville just to mention a couple. I felt it was very important to walk around the township of Shrewsbury to find out how big it is and to get a feel for where everything is, I also wanted to walk across the border to Wales but that didn’t happen, 19 miles was just a little much for me at the time and we ran out of time. Anyway, while walking round Shrewsbury we came across a statue of Charles Darwin. He’s sitting in front of a beautiful building which used to house the school he attended and we just had to go closer for a look at the statue and also to go inside the library. I don’t have any photos of the inside and can’t find any links but it was just gorgeous. It had a separate children’s area and the doorway was very inviting, unfortunately I don’t recall the details.

Why don’t you write a few words about your favourite library?


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