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Ladybird Books were first published in 1940. They have been much loved throughout many generations and are fantastic for beginner readers. They are a small book so ideal for small hands (such as mine) and they have published so many titles over the years and cover a multitude of topics. The publishers have even printed the level of reader a person needs in order to be able to read easily with only a few challenges.

If you want to collect them you’ll need to be aware of several things and I’m going to send you to my favourite website for checking these things. The most basic information you need to be aware of is that when a title was republished some years later they didn’t change the publishing date so to check if it’s a first edition or not you really need to be on your toes.

Here’s the checklist but to get all the fine details you’ll need to visit The Wee Web Identifiying First Editions page:

* Check the price on the dustjacket or the back cover.
* Check the list of books on the dustjacket
* Were the titles printed in white?
* Check the logo as it changed over the years
* Dating the end papers
* Pictorial Boards and Pastedowns
* Full-colour pictorial front boards
* Spine text direction
* Catalogue pages
* Printed dates
* Tally Numbers

As you can see there’s a large number of different things you have to check, a lot of them you have to check simultaneously, it’s just not possible to rely on one individual point. If you’re buying on eBay, Oztion or some other online website you’ll need to ask a lot of questions before you can be certain it’s a first edition as many sellers will rely on the words on the publishing page saying “First Edition” just because they don’t know any better so you really need to be aware about all these things and use the Ask a Question form. I’m just as guilty as the next seller as I have a shoebox full of Ladybird books which all say “First Edition”, I bought them as I was so excited to see so many “First Edition” books and it was only when I started researching a couple of them I found out how wrong I was.


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