Ingenuity and new use for books

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I have a love/hate relationship with people who cut up books or make them into things, but sometimes it just has to be done. Most encyclopedias are not worth the paper they’re printed anymore as they go out of date before they’re printed and the internet has made the search for information so much easier and faster. I do agree that it’s nice to have the paper and it’s much easier to have multiple volumes open at once with multiple pieces of paper marking an incredible number of entries, but on the internet it is just that much easier to find things. So, sometimes when I see something like this, I get a little excited as it makes use of encyclopedias which would otherwise be thrown into the recycling bin. I particularly like these ones as they’re book shelves so you get books supporting books, I think it’s great but I await your comments with interest.


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Well I’m slightly disappointed. I would have preferred to see encyclopedias turned into weapons of mass destruction that would have been cool. As for the shelves well I’m in a love/hate mindset with them. I love them because they’re kind of cool what with being books and all but then I hate them because they’re kind of naff at the same time. I think ultimately it’s a good use of recycled material’s, just not something that would ever suit my decor.

As a kid growing up I had a set of these encyclopedia (pic 1 of 6) purchased through a thrift store. The volumes I had were so old that Hitler was barely mentioned and if I remember rightly it was in a somewhat positive light. Running through Jim Rosenau’s site I see a few titles I recognise but none that I would really say are a “must have” for my bookshelves. Others might feel differently but for them there are booksellers like ourselves to fill those needs and desires.

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