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I promised myself I wouldn’t do another book stall as they’re just too much work, but when the invitation came around it was too hard to refuse. It came just before I made the decision to specialise a little so I’m taking the opportunity to clear out some stock.

I won’t be selling children’s books unless they’re collectable, any more, unless people give me a special request. So I’ve packed most of my children’s books in the form of novels and picture books and am going to be working on selling them rather than bringing them home. So, if you’re in the vicinity of Ashwood tomorrow afternoon and there was something you noticed on the old website which you’d be happy to buy at a lower price come around and we’ll talk. Just let me know you read about it online so I know to give you a special discount. As I mentioned on Twitter (you can follow me on SuzsSpace if you want to get all the goss that’s too short for a blog) I’ve got 18 boxes worth of books. I’ve only got three boxes of picture books, a couple of boxes of children’s novels and a box or two of teenage books, I’ve also got some adult books as well as some cooking magazines. If you’re after cooking magazines I have plenty I’m leaving at home so you’ll need to contact me so I can try to squeeze them in. I know my car is big but 18 boxes is getting very close to full, I have three smallish tables and a box full of admin stuff to fit in as well. I can guarantee I’m not going to be able to take passengers.

Anyway, you’ll want some details:

Fun, Food and Carols Night
Parkhill Primary School
Parkhill Drive

Be there between 5pm and 7:30pm tomorrow, they’re forecasting 31 degrees so bring your hat, sunscreen and drink bottle. I’ll have a hat so if you see someone with a pink legionnaires hat decorated with fluorescent dinosaurs and goodness knows what else you’ll have found me. My hat is rather unique and I stick out a mile.


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