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I would have posted this last night but our wifi was playing up and connection was very sporadic. I generally had a couple of minutes of connection followed by 20 or so minutes of nothing. I should have been doing some ironing but we only have one iron and someone else was using it, hated to interrupt the industrious one so I played games instead. This means you get all of this today.

There’s a lot of discussion and interest in the Twilight series of books and movies. Now, I haven’t said anything about it until now as I’ve neither read the books nor seen the movies. I’ve had conflicting reports about them, about whether they’re good, bad or indifferent…the only overriding thing I’ve heard about them is that there’s a lot of emotion in them and a lot of very intense looks. I have seen the film clip for the song and some of the special effects are pretty slick so maybe I will see the movies one day. I do want to point out before I give the link that I am trying to maintain an open mind, but when I read the comments about the lol catz being pretty on the money I have to wonder about it. Anyway, here’s the link.

The next thing for this blog is about a warehouse. It’s the Amazon Fulfillment Centre and it’s massive. I do not want to have that many books to choose from, the logistics of filing new stock and finding orders would be mind blowing. Anyway, here’s the link.

The third item for now is an interview with Terry Pratchett. It does have spoilers for Unseen Academicals so if you’re like me and you haven’t read it yet you might want to bookmark it for later. I read it anyway, thoroughly enjoyed it and find it’s actually whet my appetite for the book.


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