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Book Aids

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I was browsing Twitter earlier today, something I’m in the habit of doing, you never know when you’ll find something interesting to waste time with, and was directed to the latest in new gadgets to help you read. It’s a Thumb Thing, something to sit on your thumb and hold the book open so you can read more easily. I didn’t even know I needed it until today. Anyway, I browsed the rest of the site and found some lovely bookmarks. It got me thinking about what people use to mark their page. The ones we hate the most are page turners, those people who fold down the corner of the page and leave the book scarred for life. After that, anything is used for a bookmark, there are many people who use a bus ticket, others use business cards, some people tear a corner off the newspaper and use that. If you check out the website you’ll find some magnetic bookmarks, they’re very flashy and I quite like them as you know you’ll never lose your page again.

Every business has their freebies and I’d figured the best thing I could do would be to commission some bookmarks but I didn’t want anything too normal, I wanted something different, something to stand out and make people remember me and also something that people would want to use until it fell apart. One day I was browsing eBay and found exactly the right kind of bookmark I wanted. They were a foldover bookmark with magnets at the base so they stick together when you put them on the page. I was so taken with them I worked with the seller and bought a bulk lot. Sometime later I needed a lot more of them so I commissioned some artwork and negotiated with my local printer who loved the idea so much they gave me a really good price and printed 1,000 of them for me. I now put them free in with every order and sell them separately for $3 each.

Going back to that website for a moment only to a different link, they have these cute little things they call Book Darts which you can use instead of post its. They’re little magnetic doodads and you can point at a particular line. I think they’re great and I could have used heaps of them with my research.

So, I’m going to ask for some input from the readers. What do you use to mark your page? Is it something standard or something exciting? Whatever it is I’d like to know.

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