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I would have written earlier but I’ve been having trouble with my wifi connection. It’s a bit dodgey occasionally and stops working for no apparent reason and then comes back some time later for exactly the same reason. I did have something to write about a day and a half ago but now I’ve forgotten it so you’ll have to put with a few words about something entirely different with a referral to an article and an excerpt from a book.

Book stealing is not new, it’s been going on probably about as long as books have been written. I admit I don’t have any documentary evidence but there is evidence in fiction and generally if it’s happened in fiction then it’s happened in reality. I seem to recall Ellis Peters writing about a stolen book in one of her Brother Cadfael books. Brilliant books, too. The scenery in Shrewsbury, where the books are set, is just stunning. That’s the only one I’m going to mention as it’s all that springs to mind today, although Robert Ludlum also comes to my memory but I couldn’t tell you which title mentions a book being stolen.

So, back to modern day. The article Literary Larceny: A Book Thief Meets His Match is all about Ken Sanders and how he tracked down a very modern book thief, it includes an excerpt from a book written about a man who loved books too much and felt he had to own rare volumes without the money to actually pay for them. It’s a new book and I plan to read it one day, judging by the excerpt I’m going to have trouble putting it down.

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