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No real blog on books today as I’m going to take a few weeks break from the book I’m currently reading. I’ve been trying to read a biography on Yitzhak Rabin by his widow and have cried through every page of the 34 pages I’ve read so far. It’s not just the reading matter, as that is really sad too, but it’s also my frame of mind and what happened one year ago tomorrow. I’m going to share with you so you will understand if my head isn’t quite where it should be for the next week.

One year ago tomorrow my step-dad had a heart attack in the street and ended up in a coma which he never came out of. If he had come out of it he would not have been the same person as they had trouble reviving him and he had a lot of brain damage so it was probably for the best. I’d like to take a few moments to salute the medical students who did their best to revive him. It was very brave of them to put their learning into a practical situation and try to save a total stranger, for that I thank them, they did a fabulous job. The weather was very hot, as you all know, as it was the lead up to Black Saturday and that probably was a major contributing factor to their lack of success. Anyway, it was a very trying time for the family and I’m incredibly grateful it only lasted for eight days, it could easily have lasted for much longer and been much harder. As it is only one year ago I’m finding the added emotional challenge of reading about the assassination of the Israeli Prime Minister just too hard so I’m putting it away until things are a bit more stable here.

For a bit of light relief I’m going to tell you the story my Mum told me this morning about her cat. He is very clever and adopted her when he didn’t like his previous slaves. They had young children who didn’t give him the reverence due to a cat and so he looked at the other households in the neighbourhood who were feeding him and chose my Mum. Yes, she did encourage him. Anyway, if you’ve been following me on Twitter or if you’re in this part of Australia you’ll understand the hot weather we’ve been having. He asked to be let in and then asked to be let into her bathroom, he headed for the bucket of water she collected from her shower and tried to drink from it. Unfortunately, his anatomy is such that it was too hard for him so he dipped his paw in and licked that instead. When she tipped the bucket so the water was closer to the edge he moved in and drank. We don’t quite understand why he wanted this water as opposed to the bowl of water left in the kitchen for him, but he did.

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