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How do you enjoy your books? Do you enjoy them alone or do you want to share them with people? Do you want to share them with a few people or lots and lots of like minded people? Me, I haven’t quite decided, but I suspect it’s the latter considering I review every book I read on this blog.

There’s different ways of sharing books. You can share them with Book Crossing which is a lovely way of getting books to other people. The way it works is that you register yourself and your book and also where you’re going to leave it. Then you download the sticker with the Book Crossing ID and the details of what to do when the book is found and leave it ‘in the wild’ for someone else to pick up. If you pick up a book with a Book Crossing sticker you’re at liberty to take it, register it on the Book Crossing website, read it and then release it again for someone else.

Some people like to share their books online and join book groups where they all read the same books and then discuss them. I know there are some of these on Friends Reunited and also on the Real Mums website on their Retell forum and I’m sure there are many more around the web but I haven’t found them. I’m sure there are also in person book groups, I recall my mum being a member of one when I was a child and I’m sure they’re still around.

Some people like to share their books so much they attend conventions. This is my favourite, I just love conventions. There’s lot of people getting together to discuss their favourite author or genre and attending panels on the various aspects of the books. My favourite to date has been Nullus Anxietas the home of Discworld in Australia but you can find many more around the world. Now I don’t know if this website has all of them, but it certainly has a decent amount. If conventions float your boat then have a browse and find one that suits you.


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