Escape by Sea – L. S. Lawrence

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Carthage 206 BC – where women are not expected to think, plan or act on their own initiative. This is Sara’s life until the Romans invade her beloved city and she and her father must escape the only they can – by sea.

I picked up this uncorrected proof copy of this book thinking it sounds good and I’m glad I did. It is aimed at the 10+ age group and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It is a rollicking adventure story set in the time of the Romans. Sara is of Punic origin and due to her father’s station (he is a merchant and a senator) she has had a very good education including a good grasp of Greek and other languages, she can read, write and do sums. All of these things are rather rare for women at that time.

At the beginning of the book they are at war with the Romans and her brother, Aram, has been allowed to go and fight them. His groom returns and announces Aram’s death, also heralding the Romans arrival. Sara and her father are forced to flee and the only way they can do this is by sea. Her father is totally paralysed by the news and Sara does the unthinkable and takes charge. She packs and ensures both of them make it on board their fastest ship and then head out to sea. I won’t give you any more details, but she does things that women don’t do in those times and earns the respect of the Captain, crew and her father.


no sex references

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