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Why Buffy is good. I know I’m going to have a hard time convincing those people who aren’t hard core Buffy fans and I have some friends in that category, their teenage daugther is a Buffy fanatic and they’re trying to stop her watching. I really wish them luck.

Buffy fans are world wide. I am constantly surprised when I come across Buffy fans who are otherwise quite rational people. I came across this article on the web a while ago and bookmarked it specifically for this blog as it is just amazing. The interviewee is constanly trying to convert people to Buffy and some of her arguments are very convincing. Her husband says the guys on Buffy are great as they are just young guys and not villains, they just behave as young guys should at that age. The interviewee’s arguments are even more compelling. Gail Collins…let’s actually give her name…argues that Buffy doesn’t rely on a man and when that man turns out to be dangerous she doesn’t beat about the bush she actually deals with him. In that respect Buffy is a great role model for all those women who have been beaten by their partners as she just doesn’t put up with any nonsense.

My thoughts on Buffy are more to do with teaching teenagers how to deal with life. Buffy spends a great deal of time doing all the things that teenagers do, they hang around with friends, fall in love, fall out love, spend time trying to outwit the parents, they angst about relationships, they shop for clothes and then spend time trying to find the right outfit for that day (or date with their significant other) and sometimes even do their homework. Some of them also spend a lot of time figuring out their sexuality either trying to work it into their everyday lives or hiding it from everyone. Each episode deals with one or more of these issues and you get to see that Buffy is just a normal teenager with normal friends who are all trying to be normal. Yes, Buffy has a job that she can’t tell anyone about, but on the other hand so many teenagers have jobs after school and in that respect she’s no different. She’s trying to juggle a social life with a job with school, with teachers who are giving her a hard time, with parents who are really worried and trying to understand, with homework…and sometimes she drops the ball on something. Her friends are also really normal and are trying to be friends and help her with whatever they can, they also try to have a social life and keep up with homework, school, family etc.

Actually, the one thing that you never see on Buffy or any of her friends are pimples. You see them having bad hair days, bad clothes days (rarely) but I don’t recall a single pimple.

I was quite interested to find someone has written a book about Buffy and why she matters. It won the Bram Stoker Award a couple of years ago in the Nonfiction Horror category. Why Buffy Matters: The Art of Buffy the Vampire Slayer by Rhonda Wilcox. I should read it and see how it travels with my thoughts on Buffy.


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I love reading your blog & this one struck a cord with me – being a fellow Buffite 🙂

The one episode that stuck with me the most was the end of high school when they were giving out awards and they gave her a special one for always managing to save people. Even if they didn’t know what they were being saved from.

I loved that, although she was an out-cast (and the gang too) and just a little bit freaky – she was well appreciated, and a little loved (and feared) by her peers.

Now I need to have a Buffy marathon. It’s been a few years since I caught up with the Scooby Gang 🙂

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