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Punctuation is a wondrous invention. It helps with so many things…well, actually, it really only helps with reading and meaning, but I’d just like to exaggerate for a little. I’m always trying to improve my use of punctuation as I do like to ensure my meaning gets across to the reader in the correct manner. I’ve come across a few sites recently, with thanks to people on Twitter, which have helped my mission.

The Writer’s Butt Does Not Apply To Me illustrates a lost comma. Personally, I don’t want to eat Grandpa.
Thank you to Elizabeth S Craig.

Author, Terry Odell, directed me to a lovely page which illustrates how changing the punctuation can totally change how we read a sentence. I know this one is fairly old but it’s still good, visit Punctuation for Men and Women for a look.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take note of the lovely person who directed me towards the The Oatmeal so I can’t credit them; it is nice to be able to use them correctly after all these years.

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Just thought you’d like to know, since you’re interested in punctuation: I believe the commas around Terry Odell are incorrect. — Laura (at http://terriblywrite.wordpress.com)

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