A Nest of Occasionals – Tony Martin

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Tony Martin was born in Te Kuiti, New Zealand but I promise I won’t hold that against him. This book is a collection of stories from his childhood and told with an eye to humour. I’m not going to make light of his childhood as some of it can’t have been fun but it’s just the way he tells it, he just makes the experiences funny.

I do like Martin, I’ve been watching him on television for years and have always enjoyed his work. It makes it hard to review this book as I can’t tell whether I like the book or the man. Yes, the writing is good and he has a great turn of phrase that makes me tingle with pleasure. One of the chapters that had me laughing with pleasure was when he and some friends decided they should be The Three Investigators. I read the books at the same time as they did and got the same pleasure from them. They liked the same things about the books, such as their headquarters, as I did.

His descriptions of people and situations are such that I can almost see them; in some cases I can, such as when he mentions Milford Sound, a place I visited in 1978, a most beautiful place. It was such a delight to see his aunt and find out about his grandparents when he visited Te Kuiti as an adult; having spent a number of years in Australia, and to see her character.

Anyone who likes The Three Investigators must be good.

The occasional swear word
We do see a young boy growing up and hoping to go through puberty and experience what other young boys experience at this time.


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