The Last Stormlord – Glenda Larke

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I know I did a book review a couple of days ago and I don’t normally like to do reviews so close together as I need time to actually read the book but I can’t help this one. I actually finished A Nest of Occasionals a few days ago and started The Last Stormlord almost immediately. Anyway, here’s the synopsis from the back cover:

“Terelle, on the run from indentured servitude in a snuggery, finds refuge with a strange old man who paints pictures on water. She is horrified to discover that his floating artworks can fix the future for those portrayed in them.

The Cloudmaster and his stormlords keep the land alive with their power over water and rain, but the current Cloudmaster is dying and there is no one to take his place.

Meanwhile, the nomadic desert tribes are being brought together under a charismatic leader. Resenting the control of the stormlords, they plan a return to a time of random rain…”

It was very interesting reading this book. I bought solely due to the author, who I’ve been following on Twitter, and didn’t bother to read the back or do any research about it. I dove straight into the book knowing only that it was fantasy. It was great, I really enjoyed it. Larke has built her world beautifully and I found it believable, most especially in today’s drought. It was easy to identify with the characters and to see them growing up and building a life for themselves. I loved seeing the different sides of the civilisation; it was so nice to be back in a fantasy world, it was comforting to me.

The only thing I didn’t like about the book was it’s physical size. It’s a long book, at 627 pages, and I found it challenging to put down. The problem? It’s hard enough to find time to read a 300 page book but when the book is double that then it makes it that much harder. I couldn’t just down tools for an hour and know I’d be almost finished it, I actually had to wait for the kids on Wednesday and took the book with me, an hour and a half later and I’d read about a third of it. So many times I wanted to keep reading as the book was that good and couldn’t as I would have been reading for another three hours and still not be finished. I would have preferred a shorter book with the knowledge that there’s several of them coming out.

Having said all of that I now really need to get the next book in the series so I can find out what happens. I’m addicted and I hope all of Larke’s books are as good.

Swearing – Larke makes up her own swear words to be consistent with her world
Sex references


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