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I’ve never really been interested in celebrity autographs. I have an autograph book which is full of autographs and pithy sayings but none of them are of famous people, they are all my family and friends. I do have the odd one which ‘proves the rule’ although none of them are in my book.

It was probably in 1985 and I was heading back to work at the end of lunch when I came across Anne McCaffrey standing around in amongst a whole heap of her books. She looked rather forlorn and lonely as there was no-one there with her and I thought about my Dad, who was in hospital having chemotherapy, bought a couple of books and asked her to sign one of them for him. One book for him and one for me, it didn’t cheer him up but I really didn’t understand about chemo back then. I’ve now got both books.

Yes, I have a Terry Pratchett autograph. Bernard Pearson was good enough to do some stamps for the First Australian Discworld Convention in 2007 and some of them were turned into first day covers. All committee received one first day cover signed by Terry Pratchett. I can’t say that I was excited about it but I am keeping it.

Maybe if I could do something funny as DD did a couple of years ago I might be more excited about celebrity autographs. The Chaser’s War on Everything team were appearing at Chadstone Shopping Centre one day for a signing. Both girls got quite excited by it and we had several discussions about what they should take for signing. One suggestion was a pillow as Chas Licciardello spent an episode or two on Chaser falling asleep everywhere he went. This was vetoed for reasons I don’t remember. The suggestion she eventually took up was a pair of underpants. She went to a shop before the signing and bought a pink pair of very girly underpants and presented them to the team for signing. It was a pity Chas wasn’t there that day. They now specify they will only sign their products at signings.

The only other celebrity autographs I have in the house are ones that I was almost forced into taking. I was attending a convention and on sale was a book called Gastonomicon: Recipes and Stories edited by Stuart Barrow, I bought three copies and was told I had to get the recipes signed by their authors and I did actually start doing this so I have signatures by Stuart Barrow, Donna Hanson and Gillian Polack. I was not terribly excited by this and when the person who told me I had to do this drifted off I managed to stop getting autographs.


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