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I’ve always wondered about the vast numbers of celebrity books that are around. How come they are all such good writers, surely they can’t all have the necessary skills to write a book as well as doing all the things they normally do. I do understand that some people are multiskilled and can act, sing, write a book etc but I was highly sceptical that everyone was so capable. Well, today, thanks to the powers of Twitter I’ve finally found the answer and it makes so much sense.

Roman Polanski has released a new movie, it’s called The Ghost Writer. Apparently a lot of the books supposedly written by celebrities were actually written by other people, people who make a profession out of being ghost writers. It’s seriously amazing and explains so many books. You can find more details in this article and includes a ghost writer who writes four books a year. Thank you to Meanjin for sending me to this article. The article starts off with some information about the movie and ends up with some names of ghost writers.

I’d like to take a few moments to applaud ghost writers. They do an amazing job and receive absolutely no credit for it. I must have read some of their books and it would be really nice to be able to tell them how much I enjoyed their work. If I didn’t enjoy their work then I’d like to blame the celebrity and not the writer, but that’s just me being mean.


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I agree 100%!

Nice to have agreement!

Hi! Ghost writers do that sort of work because they are paid huge sums of money to do so. No form of editing (that’s the official category) pays more. And a job assignment like that would be tempting if offered. Being relieved of financial worries would be a nice trade-off for not having one’s name on the book’s cover as the author. Also, there are a lot of ghost writers who also write their own books. What a perfect combination that would be!

I certainly hope they’re paid huge sums that would compensate somewhat. For me, if I had the skills to write a book, it would be more about getting the name of my choice on the book than getting the money. Money is always nice and I wouldn’t refuse it but it’d be fabulous to know I could write well enough to be published.

Oh yes, that would be a good combination.

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