50 Famous Authors and Their All-Time Favorite Books

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I love Twitter, it’s a wonderful invention, you can hook up with all sorts of people from all walks of life and get an absolutely amazing amount of such varied information. Just fabulous. This week I’ve been directed to a couple of interesting websites.

I got this website from Alyssa Milano, star of The Charmed Ones but she got it from LoriMoreno and Jason_Pollock. 50 Famous Authors and Their All-Time Favorite Books. It’s a fascinating little list and it got me thinking, I ended up with two questions.

How do you define famous? Famous generally means a great deal of the population has heard of them, well that puts me out of the running as no-one’s heard of me…seriously, though there’s authors on this list I’ve never heard of so I just stopped and thought about the definition of famous. Didn’t get any firm ideas so I’d be grateful if you’d leave your thoughts in the comments.

Why are there no duplicates on this list? Surely some authors have the same favourite books, it’s just impossible that out of 50 people everyone has a different favourite book. If I walk into a room full of people and do a survey I’m bound to find that several people will name a Twilight book as their favourite, others will name Lord of the Rings and others will name a Foundation title; in other words there will be multiple people with the same favourite book. So how do they get 50 famous authors all with different favourite books? Did they tell people ‘you can’t have that book someone else has already chosen it’? I hope not as it’s so childish. Did they ask more than 50 people and ignore those that named duplicated titles. I’d really like to know the answer to this question but I suspect they wouldn’t tell me.

The other tweet that caught my eye was from bookblog1 but they got it from FreshFiction and it’s Jaye Wells talking “Authors are Readers Too“. I read this and was dumbfounded. Authors also read books, wow, I didn’t know that…der, of course authors read books? how else do they get ideas? how else do they learn more about their craft? how else do…well, you get the picture. Having rubbished the title of the article you should read it as it’s a good article. I just wish they’d change the colour of the side bars so they’re not so fluoro green, it’s so hard to read.


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Ah, thanks for the mention. You’d be surprised at the number of authors who no longer read, especially in the genre they write OR that are too busy writing they don’t have time to read. I’m a member of DFW Tea Book clubs and the questions we ask our authors always include “who’s your favorite author?” or “what’s the last book you’ve read?” Some authors actually admit to only reading for research.

As an avid reader, I can’t imagine not reading for pleasure, I really can’t. My life would be so … well, unhappy.

But when you met an author who’s an avid reader it’s like meeting a BFF. You chat up the likes and dislikes and just have a ball.

As for the fluro green sidebars, well, there’s a story about that!

Take care!

Sara Reyes
FreshFiction.com … for today’s reader

I’m really surprised, I would have thought reading would have been part of the job description of being an author.

And the sidebars have a story…who would have guessed. They are really hard to read, though. I’m at the age where I need reading glasses and there are some sites I click away from really quickly as I just can’t read them. Anything with colours that bright are in that category, your saving grace is that it’s only in the side bars…and the article was interesting.

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