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It’s the weekend many geeks and pop culture aficionados look forward to, and I nearly forgot about it! Luckily, I had a friend volunteering at Supanova who reminded me, and shortly after I read an email from my studio lecturer who knows this kind of event is “right up my alley”.

I and my pop expo buddy went together, endeavouring to come early. I’m glad Supanova’s held at the Showgrounds because that makes my life much easier by being able to drive in, rather than slugging my way into the city via public transport! Naturally the queue was already in full swing when we arrived. I was dreading the organisation and logistics of the event, as my personal experience knows how poor they tend to be, but I have to congratulate the organisers for being generally efficient, and hiring firm but approachable volunteers. I think the average queuing time was just 30 minutes or less, which is a very good figure, considering how notoriously long waiting can be at conventions.

Usually I try to set a budget limit (I see the comic book stalls and my mindset goes into instant WANT WANT WANT mantra), but given the quite fantastic celebrity line-up I decided to “splurge” a tad more than what I normally would. Without a doubt I eagerly signed up for James Marsters (photo and autograph, of course!) of Buffy and Torchwood fame, plus Gareth David-Lloyd, seen in Torchwood and Doctor Who. Gareth David-Lloyd at SupanovaGiven the immense popularity of these guys, especially James, there was little time to converse with them at some length. Add to that I was just so starstruck that I could barely string a “Hi!” with a “How are you?” No matter how many famous people you meet, you just can’t get over the fact you’re seeing them face to face! And that they’re talking to you, acknowledging your existence by the fact that you’re standing there in front of them! James was coming down with some bug, so close contact and hugs were out of bounds, unfortunately! But people got creative in their restrictions, which was fun to see! Awe aside, that was $150 down the drain just to grab hold of the fifteen minutes with fame, and I don’t regret it!

Later, I went on a hunt for comic books by the guest artists. There was quite a varied turnout of talents, both writers and artists, but I was mainly interested in George Perez and Marv Wolfman, both of whom revolutionised comics in the 80s and 90s, especially in their work with DC. I forked out quite a bit just to get a lousy laser print of George’s beautiful rendition of Wonder Woman, but I had no choice since that was the only way I could get an additional sketch by George. Still, that sketch made my day blissfully, utterly complete. I spent quite an agonising time beforehand trying to come up with an idea for George to draw for me; ideally I wanted an amorous interlude between Catwoman and Batman, but I suppose that was too ambitious (!). I settled instead for Batman (Bruce Wayne) with his cowl/hood down—a somewhat more intriguing approach to the Dark Knight than say “just Batman” (though George himself did say that was the second request of the same thing!). Add to that George and Marv were absolute darlings—very warm and friendly, and happy to sign autographs and pose for photos. They have my utmost respect and adoration.
Batman in Progress by George Perez

Batman by George Perez

Put frankly, I’m glad there are only two major pop culture conventions in a year in Melbourne—Supanova usually in April, and Armageddon in October—because in a place such as this, I run wild with fangirlish madness; consequently my savings get hard hit, but you know, that’s what the months in between compensate for. I wouldn’t really have it any other way!

Thanks to Suzie for inviting me to guest blog! 🙂

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Jennifer Wu is a graphic designer based in Melbourne, Australia. Her work and life is largely (absolutely!) informed by her passion for popular culture and history through the ages. She likes to think she has a way with words and images. Currently she is channelling her obsession for kitsch, collecting and the culture of excess in a major project for her Honours degree. She welcomes any comments or questions! You can catch her on Twitter or see her blog and work.


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