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Dear Diary,

Today is the day I was going to write about Anne Frank. It’s an auspicious day as it’s the anniversary of her birthday, 12th June 1929, if she was still alive she’d be a little older than my mother-in-law. If I keep to the facts it might be possible to keep the tears at bay…

Sorry, diary, I’m back. Writing about Anne Frank is a bit problematic. She had such a short and challenging life. She went with her family into hiding, a pre-prepared place behind a wall in her father’s business. They had to be quieter than mice, rarely go outside and be careful of coughing. It was a hard life and in her diary e…

Back again. I’ve wiped my tears and blown my nose. So much for keeping to the facts and keeping the tears at bay. I knew this would be hard but not this hard. I’ve always tried to imagine how hard it would be to keep so quiet that people would not be able to hear you, to be quieter than a mouse as it was the difference between life and concentration camps. You see, Frank had the misfortune to be born Jewish and to be living in Germany during the time of the Holocaust. There weren’t many choices if you were Jewish and in Germany or one of the related countries, you either got out or risked being rounded up and sent to a concentration camp. This book showed her life in hiding in the two years before the family were betrayed. Both Frank and her older sister, Margot, were taken to the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp where they died of typhus…

Sorry, no more – just too many tears. Be aware of that when you read it.


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A touching post, Suz. When we go to visit Mark in cologne in September we plan to go to Amsterdam for a weekend. I really want to take Caitlin to the Anne Frank house. It won’t be any easy day for me, I’m sure I will feel emotional and drained but I think it’s important for all of us to bear witness to the past. I think at 8 she will be old enough to grasp the gravity of it, although Hayley 9who will be 4) may have to stay outside.

Thanks Kelly.

Would you be willing to take a photo of the Anne Frank House for display on my blog? Maybe you could even do a guest post for me?

Yes, absolutely. I’ll write myself a note to remember.

That’s fabulous, thanks so much. Please include a bio with it, we’ll talk about the details when you get back.

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