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Brian Jacques is the much celebrated author of the Redwall series of books. He was born on the 15th June in 1939 in Liverpool.

I’ve read a couple of Redwall books and am not much excited by them, but I can see why others would be, they are swashbuckling adventures and the animals have characters based on how the real animals act. The animals have accents which fit well with what we know about these particular animals. Nicely written with some lovely descriptive passages. I can recognise all of this and I still don’t like them. My kids adored them a few years ago and I have friends who think they’re wonderful. One thing I do like about them is the recipes.

Here’s a few facts I’ve gleaned from a smidgeon of research.

He began his professional writing career writing plays, three of them were performed in Liverpool and a child actor in one was Craig Charles who played Dave Lister in Red Dwarf. One of my favourite shows of all time, I can’t watch them enough.

I’m just going to compare him to Kate Bush for a moment, I know, it’s a bit of a stretch, but please bear with me. There was a rumour in the 1980s that when she was at school Bush wrote a song and her teacher refused to believe she’d written it as it was too good, that song was later released and reached the top ten in the charts. Brian Jacques submitted a story to a teacher at the age of 10 and was also disbelieved as the teacher felt he could not possibly have written such a good story.

Jacques was eventually published after a friend submitted a manuscript to the publisher telling him they’d be mad not to publish it. Jacques was soon called to London and given a contract for the next five books.


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