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There are good things and bad things about working from home. I’ve had occasion to feel grateful and annoyed about it all the one week. This past week I’ve been unwell, it’s just a common or garden virus but never-the-less I had to take some time off to recover. This week my mother came to dinner and I had to move everything off the dining room table so we could all eat in a civilised fashion.

Let me paint you a mental picture of my dining room. It has a table as one would expect and six chairs which go with it. It also has a computer chair and a laptop desk complete with laptop. The table generally has one box which is being filled with books that have just been listed on the website and a pile of books that are in the process of being listed. There is generally another box or two of books hanging around on the floor or on chairs waiting to be put into the process of being listed or waiting to be put with the rest of the listed stock. One chair is taken up with a black bag overflowing with various sizes of envelopes, plastic bags, tape and the tablecloth I use as my backdrop for photographs of the stock. Another chair is taken up with my concertina file which holds most of my working papers. I said most, as some of them are scattered on my half of the dining room table waiting to be dealt with or filed. I also have my nice purple scales which I use to weigh books so I can accurately list the weight and don’t forget my book box which I use for competitions when I’m having a stall somewhere. In the middle of the table I have a pencil tin made by the youngest at school, it’s overfull and I generally have a couple of pens hanging around close by because I can’t be bothered putting them away, add some more general stationery items and it’s starting to look a little cluttered. I musn’t forget the phones, my mobile and the home phone, my distance glasses, drink bottle and any munchies I have lying around that I really shouldn’t be eating. I did say ‘my half of the dining room table’ and I said that with purpose as I generally share the table with my eldest. Her current work is in the planning stages at the moment so I can’t say anything more than it’s for Continuum 6 in February next year. Her most recent creation was for Continuum 5 last week and it was a light-up Dalek on a head band as well as a jacket with the Torchwood logo on the back. I try to remember I have to share this room and leave half of the table for other people. She generally uses it for her computer or creations or for sewing or generally just giving me a hard time.

The thing that gets me is that everything has to be moved out when we have people over to dinner, Doctor Who meetings or just generally over. All of that has to go somewhere and that place is my bed so you can imagine all the boxes, bags and general stuff takes up half of the queen bed while the larger stuff goes on the floor. After they go the table has to be completely cleared so I can move everything back so the bed is available for sleeping in. Doesn’t matter what it is it all has to be done.

As usual this blog has morphed. It was going to be all the good and bad points about working from home and has ended up being much too long and almost totally about my dining room table. I was going to talk about having to be fairly disciplined with time and having a schedule to enable the housework to get done and all sorts of stuff like that but I think I won’t presume on your patience.

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