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I’ve alluded to a few changes that have been happening to the Suz’s Space Website over the last few days. The changes aren’t over yet, but are almost there. If you’ve been looking for the website today you might have had trouble as we’ve been moving webhosts. When you move house there are always glitches and this move was no different. The biggest problem was with photo names, I didn’t do enough research when I set up the first website and didn’t realise spaces in file names were a big no-no so I had 2,000 photos with spaces in the file names. How wrong can you get? I was told of my error a few months ago and have been getting it right since then, but when the lovely and multitalented Tamara told me none of the photos were showing up with the move, I took the opportunity to fix everything up. I deleted all the photos so I could start with a clean slate and then re-attached them all with underscores in the place of spaces. With almost 900 listings it was not a small task but better done now than when I had 2,000 photos. There are a few photos I couldn’t find so until I find the books and retake the photos they are blank.

The biggest problem now is helping people find the right website. If you use your bookmark you’ll end up at the wrong IP address and any orders will go into cyberspace never to be found again. I’m sure there’s a book waiting to be written about all the things floating around cyberspace. I suggest you use this url and for the tech savvy it should take you to this IP address

Emails might use a different url such as Don’t be alarmed, it is still the same company and we still carry the same books. The number of science fiction and fantasy books we have waiting to be listed for your buying, and therefore reading, pleasure is hard to estimate but it’s certainly much, much more than any other genre so this new url makes sense. In due course you’ll be able to find us with either url, I just have to remember how to do the technical bits.

No, I’m not having trouble with my pronouns. One day I’ll explain.

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Preview of stuff

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Squid Ink Oz

I have a lot of little things in progress at the moment. This is something that’s been on my mind for a while and it’s time I showed the world what wonderful treasures I’ve been given. This is part of a series of cartoons provided to me by a talented young person. I have several of them waiting in the wings and intend to unveil one each week from now on.

I’m in the process of trying to provide ebooks to people as they sign up for my newsletter. The process is interesting and it’s not working. I know I could do it the cheat’s way and just do them myself rather than making them happen automatically, but I don’t fancy relying on my memory.

The Pre-loved Books @ Suz’s Space Fan Page on Facebook is gradually taking shape. There are now enough fans/likers to enable me to request a vanity url for it so you don’t have this massive great big link. In a few days it will be even easier for you to share it with your friends so they can come and join in the word fun.

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Website updates

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Well, things are certainly a lot better now. The website problems seem to have resolved themselves very nicely and I’m able to upload books. I’ve managed to solve the problem of the banner and it is now clickable so it takes you back to the home page and I’ve also solved some search engine problems so that the urls now have the title of the book and name of the author in them. The problem now is with the wifi. It’s just not consistent and today I’ve had five minutes of internet access interspersed with half an hour of non-internet access. I’ve partially solved this problem by typing up my books and getting everything ready offline ready to be quickly pasted into the listing in the five minutes I have online before the wifi decides it doesn’t want to work. It’s unwieldly and I can’t research prices until I get back online, but it does work and I’m getting books listed a few at a time.

Today, in the few minutes of internet access I had I’ve managed to list a couple of fabulous autobiographies: Journey From Venice by Ruth Cracknell and Cleared For Take-Off by Dirk Bogarde. I’ve also listed a couple of cookbooks and a literary classic: Three Men In a Boat by Jerome K Jerome.

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Website Update

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You probably need an update on the website. This is going to be short and I’ll probably be keeping most of my posts fairly short or cheating and giving you a book list for a while.

Things are going well and the website is actually up and running. There are still problems but I’m finally able to actually get books listed. It’s unlikely you’ll be able to buy anything as some parts of it are still not working but I can get books up and that has to be good. If there’s something you’re interested in and the buying part doesn’t work just email me and we’ll work something out.

You will notice changes in the colouring scheme as time goes on and I figure out how the graphics programmes work. At present it’s looking a little strange but I’ll get there. One of the things I noticed is that I have an option to include WordPress in my website so when things are settled properly I’ll be having a look at that to see if I can import the blog into the website.

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Website problems

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More delays. This was going to be about something to do with books. I’ve started a blog about Tom Holt and I’ve also just received an email about the voting for the favourite books of all time by Borders so I was planning on writing about that. Unfortunately, events have taken over so I’m going to just say a few words about the website. Things were going well and I was working through each step and progressing nicely…until a few minutes ago when I managed to delete a large number of files. Unfortunately it was before I’d taken my first backup so I’ve just emailed my webhost with a plea for help and I hope he is able to install it all again for me and I’ll be able to start again. This means it’ll be at least another week before everything is sorted and I’m able to start listing books again.

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