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Don’t ever let them get you! – George Dreyfus – Book launch

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I was searching for something to write about when I realised I hadn’t talked about this book launch. It was way back in March so I’ve been quite remiss in stringing a few words together.

George Dreyfus is more of a musician than an author and his book launch demonstrated that quite dramatically. Proceedings were interspersed with music. We started off with Dreyfus playing with his son, Jonathan. They did a nice rendition of the theme from Rush which Dreyfus wrote in 1974. This music has become very iconically Australian which I find rather strange as Dreyfus was born in Germany in 1928 and only arrived in Australia in 1939. On the other hand, the bulk of the population in this country is composed of immigrants and yes, I’m looking at the past 200 years. Before that the inhabitants had been here for thousands of years so they don’t count as immigrants.

Getting back to the book launch. Some of the other music we were entertained by was: the theme of The Adventures of Sebastian the Fox; Larino, Safe Haven; and the Sentimental Bloke. The music was wonderful and the jokes were thick and fast in some areas. I don’t know about you, but most of the people I know do not enjoy good relationships with their ex-spouses. There is the odd person that manages that and Dreyfus, being a rather unique person has managed to have a good enough relationship with his ex-wife Kaye that he asked her to launch her book. Apparently, Arnold Zable has too much personality to launch Dreyfus’ book.

Kaye had much to say about him. This included phrases such as:

  • ignorance is no handicap
  • unexpected, even uncomfortable juxtapositions. (I think she meant his music.)
  • Random – free association
  • George is unique
  • Turns disappointments into musical opportunities
  • He is a meaningful and functional musical presence in Australia

    I still have to read the book, but someone else got in ahead of me so it’ll have to wait until he’s finished. When I’ve finished I’ll come back here and try to scribble a few words about it. It’ll be interesting as the text is punctuated with music scores.

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