Resources for Writers

I hope this will develop into a good resource for writers to help with writing, publishing and marketing your works. It’s just beginning so if you have anything you want to submit for publication just contact me and I’ll have a look at it. It’s really growing fast, I’ll have to start putting headings in soon.

Ergnomics while writing.
This is a fabulous blog post which every author should read carefully. RSI: Important advice for beginning writers…
While this link gives you more information on creating an ergonomic workplace.Workable workplace…

Publishing Info
How Long Will It Take to get published?

Vanity Publishing, take care. Thank you to awritingjourney for this link.

Rethinking author contracts for the digital world. Make certain your contract fits the digital world.

E-queries: How To Submit Online To Agents and Editors. This blog has a number of ads at the top so don’t be put off just scroll down to the text.

Think Hard Before Self-Publishing. I don’t recommend self-publishing as it’s generally very expensive and you don’t get a lot of return for it, but should you do it then read this first.


Protagonist & Climax via Plot Whisperer

Cut Your Words: 5 Articles on Concise Writing

10 Errors that drive Editors crazy with thanks to Writeitsideways

Translators please contact the author you’re translating. It can help with the complexity of the book. For an illustration please see this.

Getting the most out of Twitter. You can get ideas for names of characters or just get more details.

How to Revise a Novel by Holly Lisle. This is just a jumping off page as there are lots of FAQs here about writing.

Here’s another great resource. I follow Debbie Ridpath Ohi on Twitter and she’s a great source of information as well as doing some lovely cartoons. This one is for Twitter Chats for Writers. You need to check out many more of her pages, she’s taught me so much about using Twitter effectively.

This is a blog written by a number of mums who write from home.

Do You Own Your Characters or Do Your Characters Own You?

Cutting Characters You Love. This would be very hard but some writers say it’s a necessary part of writing.

The writer’s toolkit: A voice journal for character development How to help you with your character.

Synopsis tips for writers can be very hard. Here is a site giving you ideas on how you can accomplish this.

From my favourite author blog, Inkyelbows, I’ve mentioned her elsewhere as she’s so wonderful. Taskpaper: minimalist note-taking PLUS other favorite organization/writing apps

This little gem comes from Shhh, I’m Writing a Romance. The specific article is Crit Friday Open – The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face . . . or Love at First Sight?. Love this website, it’s a group of historical romance authors who virtually get together to discuss each other’s work and improve it.

Cut Your Words: 5 Articles on Concise Writing


When being interviewed, be sure to get it right or you’ll lose your readers.

Every new book needs some sort of publicity and book tours are often recommended as fans like to meet their authors. Here’s one with a difference. Book tour? More like a safari


Excerpts from a novel Novelsmithing by David Sheppard.

Agent Advice: Kate Epstein of The Epstein Literary Agency. An interview with Kate Epstein.

BLOGS & WEBSITES FOR WRITERS: Author Groups By Maria Ferrer. It’s a resource like this page but I suspect it’s been longer in the making.

15 Lessons From the Masters. An interesting set of quotes from top authors including Ernest Hemingway. Lots of useful stuff to learn.

I’ve been putting off listing this one. It looks fabulous until you think how hard it is to keep writing. The premise is that once you stop typing the programme deletes anything you’ve written already. It could be a great way to make you write faster. Write or Die Online

This one has lots of ads at the top of the page. How Much Money Can I Make Writing Poems, Short Stories, And Books?

Technology for writers in the form of a blog. Specnology, Science and Technology for Speculative Fiction Writers. If you’re using an idea from this blog talk to the person who put it there, it’s good karma.

Who’s Who directories.

Submission Guidelines
Tu Books (Impression of Lee and Low)
How To Submit Your Creative Writing Online

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